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spacer.gif   English: The Staff of the Saxon Parliamentary NPD - New-Rightist Ideologies in the Nazi's Figureheaded Region
veröffentlicht am Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2005, 23:21 Uhr
NPD im Sächsischen Landtag The Staff Members of the Saxon Parliamentary NPD

Avoiding to disgrace themselves, the representatives of the NPD are supported by a big staff of new-rightist intellectual assistants in Saxony's Landtag (state parliament). A few persons with close contacts to the militant neonazi-scene earn a large salary in there as well.

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Amongst others, the assistants are: Frank Ahrens, Holger Szymanski, Karl Richter, Per Lennart Aae, Arne Schimmer, Andreas Molau, Olaf Rose, Sascha Roßmüller, Marcus Müller, Sascha Wagner, Ullrich Eigenfeld, Andreas Wagner, Peter Naumann, Susann Starke, Hartmut Krien, Dirk Abraham, Sabine Bauer, Robert Beck, Ute Richter, Waldemar Maier.

Former assistants are: Peter Marx, Stefan Rochow (changed to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), René Despang (now MP), Kerstin Lorenz and Franz Schönhuber (deceased)

Taking the past as example rightist extremist parties collapsed by themselves like the DVU in the Landtag of Saxony-Anhalt or the Schill-Partei in Hamburg. This argument justifies passivity of the so-called "strong democracy" as best course of action to deal with that particular problem. In order to avoid this, the NPD in Saxony's Parliament has engagedhired ideological mentors and experienced activists from all over Germany.

"Amongst the staff members of the NPD-parliamentary party you can find former members of now illegal organisations like the 'Wiking-Jugend' and the 'Nationaler Block' just like persons with contacts to the 'Kameradschaften'", the Verfassungsschutz (Office for the Protection of the Constitution) is quoted. The NPD-concept "Volksfront von rechts" [popular front from the right] aims at taking their political work to a new quality in cooperation with the Neo-Nazi groups called "freie Kameradschaften". The theoretical brace is provided by the new-rightist intellectuals who - since the 60s - have pointed out the need for refreshing theoretical shortcomings in order not to lose connection to the ongoing social processes.

Nevertheless, there are also more violent and old fashioned Neo-Nazis among the Parliamentary Parties employees - up until now the most extreme example might be the convicted Neo-Nazi terrorist Peter Naumann.

Frank Ahrens

Since the Beginning of the 1990s, Ahrens has held various positions in the JN and NPD Niedersachsen - side by side with Holger Apfel. Therefore, Apfel made his longtime confident his personal assistent in the Parliament of Saxony. Subsequently, Ahrens raised to more powerful positions, such as that of the deputy chief whip, and finally, when chief whip Peter Marx switched to the NPD Mecklenburg Vorpommern in autumn 2006, Ahrens was appointed as chief whip.

Holger Szymanski

He was born in 1972 and is the spokesman of the NPD Parliamentary Party. He also works in the publishing management of the "Deutsche Stimme" and attends to the press relations for the "Nationales Bündnis Dresden" (a local electoral alliance formed by several extreme right wing parties in the capital of Saxony). Since September 2006 he is, in addition, deputy chief whip of the Saxon state Parlamentary NPD group.
In the 90s he ran already as a student for Bundestag's,Landtag's and municipal parliaments election for the REP.
As member of the students league Cheruscia (Dresden) he organized the "Winterkolleg" at the TU Dresden in which functionaries of the NPD, Junge Landsmannschaft Ostpreussen and the organizer of the Friday's Talk Dresden Hans-Holger Malcomess participated (all of them well-known for their Neo-Nazi views). In "Deutsche Stimme" (12/04) headlining "Fight for the parliaments" he was as merry as a lark that after Landtag's elections also parts of the etablished politics have taken a fancy to NPD. (The NPD, having only 12 parliamentary seats, nevertheless repeatedly gathered 14 votes in the end of 2004.)

Karl Richter

He was born in 1962 in Munich and is a trouper of the extreme right wing connection. He, calling himself a "new-rightist intellectual", worked as author and publisher for different rightist papers. In the movie "Der Untergang", playing the adjutant of General Keitel, he was enabled to legally show the Hitler salute. He wants to build up the Parlamentary NPD of Saxony as a rightist Party Think Tank.
In the 80s he switched from the Neo-Nazi student league Danubia (Munich) to the Republicans (another German extreme right wing party), where he assisted Harald Neubauer, former member of EU-parliament and spokesman of the Bavarian REPs. He was co-founder of the "Deutsche Liga für Volk und Heimat" in 1991 and chief editor of "Deutsche Rundschau" and "Nation & Europa", regular author in "Junge Freiheit", in the Austrian FPÖ affiliated "Aula" and editorial adviser of "Deutsche Geschichte". In 1995 the local court of Coburg convicted him of sedition on probation.
In his articles in "Nation & Europa" he emphasizes anti-american clichees and "uncovers" freedom and democracy as pseudo-values (ed. 09/2004) and as well as that it's just a matter of time when "alternatives" will reach success. He blames the current german federal government for being the main sustainer of the EU. According to his allegiations this support exceeded a limit and enabled a christian-social-democratic cartel all over Europe. For the case of the next system transformation he got a lot of ideas proposed in the article "Gen-Forschung widerlegt linken Gleichheitswahn: Rückkehr der Rassenkunde" [genetics disprove leftists illusion of equality: the returning of race theories] (ed. Nation & Europa 06/2004), raving on a scientificly based bio-ethnology that "leverages the true-life idea of world and man".
His appraisal of Septembers election described as a "fanal" sounds euphorically: "Today Saxony, tomorrow Germany" (Deutsche Stimme 9/2004).

Per Lennart Aae

The 61 years old Swedish computer scientist is member of the federal NPD executive council, chief of its working group for sciences and well known as leader of demonstrations against the exhibition "Verbrechen der Wehrmacht" (crimes of the Wehrmacht).
At the meeting of the NPD-council in Thuringia in 1999 he pointed out the NPD as "the only anti-capitalist working class party on the political stage". He represents a völkisch nationalism, becausemaintaining it was todays "solely alternative to the inhuman and inecological globalism". In February 1999 he was elected for the vice-chairman of the Bavarian NPD and for top-candidate for the EU-elections. He was considered to be one of the hardest critics of Horst Mahler and Reinhold Oberlercher (two German renegades from the socialist student groups of the 1960s, however now closely linked to the same Neo-Nazi Party as Aae himself). On the homepage of the NPD Franken he notes: "Every day that these two spend with judaism, abuse of the Basic Constitutional Law etc. is a lost day."
In his article "Imperialist raid or national self-defense? A historical comparison: George W. Bushs war in Iraq 2003 and Adolf Hitlers campaign in Poland 1939" he tampers history. He resumes the german aggression was necessary to fend an apparent military harassment for the "Reich" and "Hitler waged a war of aggression against Poland, but he did everything to solve the german-polish conflict in a peaceful way. But he failed on the demonstrable will to war of his combatants." These statements might be helpful to understand the quality of his references when he states, he stood for a "'raum'-orientated national economy".

Arne Schimmer

The economist Arne Schimmer is working as scientific assistant of the ressort economics and globalization. Since 2001 he is assistant of the NPD-paper "Deutsche Stimme".
Schimmer analyzes mainly the inhuman consequences of the globalization and opposes them to his critics of capitalism, offering a 'national' and 'raum'orientated economy. Some of the phrases seem to be copied from attac like for example the tobin-tax for "throwing a spanner in the works of the international speculation of capital" or to dry up tax havens. He also doesn't eschew quoting Lenin for dressing (down) the monopol-capitalism. His solutions against the"uncontrollable and eliptic convulsions of the world's financial system" are simple and pragmatic, but don't conceive economic reality. Although the member of the federal board of the Nationaldemocratic University Alliance (Nationaldemokratischer Hochschulbund)a fancied guest in discussions for a "concept of a future national economy".
In december 2002 the "Deutsche Stimme" surprised their readers with the news that Rudi Dutschke (a left wing leader of the students movement of the 1960s) was a fine "national revolutionary"."Although there have been hard confrontations between APO (Ausserparlamentarische Opposition) and NPD, there are lots of textual parallels" the author of a recension of Rudi Dutschke's biography written by Bernd Rabehl also publishing in the extreme right wing magazine "Junge Freiheit".

Andreas Molau

The schoolpolitics assistant of the Parliamentary NPD and journalist of "Deutsche Stimme". His collegues in a Waldorfschool in Braunschweig where he just stopped working recently appreciated him to be leftliberal.
After the Abitur (the German higher education enrance qualification) he studied German Literature and History at the University of Göttingen and in 1989 he became a member of the league "Deutsche Hochschulgilde Trutzburg-Jena" of Göttingen where he ran the educational department. Already in the 80ies he has written for "Junge Freiheit", "one of the most important forums of the so-called new-rightists" (Verfassungsschutz NRW).
Thereafter he was responsible for their cultural ressort but subsequently resigned in 1994 because of a row concerning an article that denied the Holocaust. He changed to the extreme right wing periodical "Deutsche Geschichte", but left in 1996. He also published in "Criticon" and "Nation und Europa" and a book about Alfred Rosenberg (a main Nazi Ideologue and main author of "Der Völkische Beobachter").
Lately the assumption he wrote under the pseudonym "Hauke Nanninga" is strengthend.

Olaf Rose

Born in 1958, Olaf Rose, historian, worked as archivist for the West-German cities Herdecke and Herne. As the left-liberal daily-newspaper "taz" stated, he altered the history, especially the national-socialist history, for these cities. For example, he changed the number of forced labourers in Herne during Nazi period from 30000 to only 9000; furthermore, he published at least two books, that were written for the Nazi administration of Herdecke during the 1930's and 40's. Subsequently, in 2003, Rose was removed from this positions. In addition, he has, since 1996 worked for the far right "new rightist" publisher Dietmar Muniers (publishing houses Arndt and Orion-Heimreiter) and published in several other "new rightist" publishing houses - for example Grabert and Druffel-Vowinckel. He published, alongsite with other "new rightists" or older rightists Alain de Benoist, Reinhold Oberlercher and Franz Schönhuber the magazine "Opposition" an is member of the board of the new rightist "Gesellschaft für freie Publizistik" ("Society for Free Journalism").
Since, in September 2006, two important assistants of the Saxon Parliamentary NPD changed to the Parliamentary NPD-group of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Saxon Parliamentary Party has engaged Olaf Rose to compensate this alteration.

Sascha Rossmüller

The ex-Chief of the Junge Nationaldemokraten (JN) is born in 1972 in Bavaria, attracted attention allready in school with Neo-Nazi speeches. He was a member of the Nationaler Block, banned in 1993.
In 1994 he run unsuccesfully for the NPD. Befor Rossmüller was elected for federal chief of JN, he was, besides Holger Apfel, its vize-chief. The Bavarian Verfassungsschutz comments this election:"His election underlines clearly the neonazi orientation of JN which is supported by its representatives."
In his speech after his election Rossmüller announced an increasing radical course. Besides him other members of the neonazi spectra raised into the organisation. Achim Ezer, the chief of JN Nordrhein-Westfalia, who had also candidated, accused the control-commitee of manipulation. Rossmüller counts as link to the organized militant neonazi-scene (Freie Kameradschaften).

Marcus Müller

He is a longtime functionary and chief of NPD Muldentalkreis. He was member of the banned Nationalistische Front (NF) and stands in good contact to the militant Neo-Nazi milieu of Leipzig/Wurzen. In the middle of the 90s he was the leader of a neonazi-group called "Aktion Neue Rechte Muldentalkreis". Already from October 1995 to August 1996 the inner circle of the Muldental Neo-Nazi connection squatted a house in an industrial area in the Käthe-Kollwitz-Str.(Wurzen). The Verfassungsschutz mentionned it to be "the supposably most important centre of neonazis in Germany." Since the beginning of 1998 Müller had rent other premises in the same areal. Over the buildings had waved lots of black-white-red and NPD-flags. The centre is closed now.
January 28th 1998 a group of neonazis, amongst them Marcus Müller and Sascha Wagner, assaulted a group of antifascists in a train on the way to a demonstration in favor of the exhibition ""Verbrechen der Wehrmacht". The attacks launched according to police officials from the formerly described area. Although these facts were known Marcus Müller was later elected for the municipal parliament of Wurzen.

Sascha Wagner

The Ex-Skinhead, assistant of MP Dell, held since 1992 different leading positions in JN and NPD. Already as a youngster he attracted the attention of the Verfassungsschutz when he was the chairman of the JN Nordrhein-Westfalen. Wagner is member of the federal JN-board and managed most of NPD's election campaign and propaganda-events in West- and Middle-Saxony.
In the 90s he lead the Security of the NPD for marches and other occasions. He also got a lot of international contacts to the militant neonazi-scene. In 2002 he lived in a Neonazi-centre of the NPD in Elmstein/Rheinland-Pfalz and organized along with the well-known neonazi Christian Hehl concerts of rightist extremists rockbands sometimes attended by 500 neonazis. He published his own rightist extremist music fanzine called "Noie Deutsche Welle" that is adressed to adolescent skinheads. After the failure of the project "Europa Vorn" in Dürwiss he was mainly activ in Saxony where he tried to push "national befreiter Zonen" (national liberated zones).
According to Wurzen's victims counselling the number of attacks on migrants and homeless persons has increased since Sascha Wagner is present. An old butcher's shop in the Walter-Rathenau-Str., owned by the operator of the label "Front Records" Frank Peersdorf, became the new meeting point of the Neo-Nazis. In his office in the publishing house of "Deutsche Stimme" in Riesa there is a poster on the wall "Where does the Volkssturm meet? In the 'Holzwurm'- the location of the scene in the 'National Befreite Zone' Muldental." After the bomb attack on the "Netzwerk für Demokratische Kultur e.V." (Network for democratic culture) in November 2004 Wurzen's municipal parliament issued a call for signatures "against all violence". Sascha Wagner clamored to stop it. Instead he demanded to dissociate from raids of "stalinists privat miliz to Wurzens youngsters" and to cancel all public financial support for the NDK. Wagner and the NPD delegate Wolfgang Schroth distributed the lampoon to the audience and the politicians.

Ulrich Eigenfeld

The Chairman of the NPD-Niedersachsen and secretary general of the federal NPD ran in June 2001 in Sebnitz for mayor and gained 7,6% of the votes. Some "Kameradschaften" blamed him to be less radical and to be a snitcher.
For him, the root of all evil are "materialist-capitalist ideas made in USA". His intention to root them out seems to result offrom the aim of his political work: "We stand for a policypolitics that want to secure the survival of the german people".

Andreas Wagner

Wagner is advisor for social politics for the Parlamentary NPD since April 2006; previousely, he dealt with this topic for the left party WASG ("electoral alternative labour and social justice"), that focusses on needs and demands of the social disadvantaged. Non-surprisingly he aims to improve the NPD's social politics and targets to increase the party's attractiveness for this particular social group. Furthermore, he attracted attention by violent behaviour in his private life.
When he started to work for the NPD he was still member of the federal board of the WASG - but was than quickly expelled from the WASG. As reasons for his change of sides, he stated his opposition to the future fusion of the WASG with the older left PDS and to communist groups within WASG and PDS.

Peter Naumann

Personal assistant of the PM Klaus-Jürgen Menzel is the convicted terrorist Peter Naumann. Born in 1952, he is Member of the party since the age of 18. During the 1970s, he has been vice-chairman of the JN (the jouth organization of the NPD). With a university degree in chemistry, he is said to be explosives specialist.
In 1978, starting his terrorist career, he comitted a terrorist attack on antifascist memorial monuments of the Fosse Adreatine near Rome. Subsequently, he blasted two broadcasting transmitters to prevent the broadcast of the documentary "Holocaust". In 1981 a large arsenal of explosives and arms was detected in the Lüneburger Heide - Naumann's fingerprints were detected. In 1982, together with accomplices, he planed to free the Hitler deputy Rudolf Hess by force. In 1985 he founded the Neo-Nazi organization "Völkischer Bund", subsequently he has been it's chairman. Finally in 1988 he was convicted to 4 years and 6 month jail for 6 terrorist attacks in Germany, Italy and France. He was released earlier - only to resume his terrorist activities: he has been proven to have continued caching al least explosives and bombs.
Peter Naumann does not hesitate to use violent actions to enforce his goals and his ideology. Since he started to work for Menzel, he repeatedly attacked events against and about Neo-Nazism in Dresden alongside with young militant Neo-Nazis.

Susann Starke

During the 1990s, Susann Starke was member of the meanwhile banned Wiking-Jugend and held a central position in the "Mädelgruppe" (girls group) of the Neo-Nazist "Freie Kameradschaften Sachsen".In 1999 she married Jean-Rene Bauer, close confident of the banned Neo-Nazi band "Landser" and charged with arms trade - the wedding party was stormed by the police.
Currently, Starke is vice-chief of the local NPD Weißeritzkreis (a district south-west of Dresden); she is employee of the Office of the chairman of the Parliamentary NPD.
Together with Peter Marx, she moderated in March 2005 the "3. Freiheitlichen Kongress des Deutsche Stimme Verlages" in Bayreuth, a meeting containing talks about "Befreiungslüge vom Hitlerfaschismus" (lie of the liberation from Hitler-fascism) and "Wiederauferstehung Deutschlands" (resurrection of Germany).

Hartmut Krien

Born 1956, Krien ran successfully for the municipal parliament of Dresden in 2004. Alongside with Holger Apfel (the same Holger Apfel who is chairman of the Saxon Parliamentary NPD as well), and two other men he represents the "Nationales Bündnis Dresden" in the citie's parliament.
This common work with Apfel might have been helpful for him to get involved with his subsequent employees. Especially since Krien is not quite an apt politican.

Dirk Abraham

Abraham is just another right-winger who started his political career in the "Republikaner" party, converged to the "Nationales Bündnis Dresden" to finally get involved with the NPD.
He is currently head of the local NPD Weißeritzkreis and has been referee of the Saxon Parliamentary NPD since the very beginning, September 2004.
In his function as local head of the party he repreatedly pointed out the need for cooperation with the militant and violent "Kameradschaften" of the area.

Sabine Bauer

Sabine Bauer is personal secratary of the chief whip, Frank Ahrens (until September 2006 Peter Marx).

Robert Beck

Robert Beck is parliamentary advisor of the NPD in the Parliament of the state of Saxony.

Ute Richter

Ute Richter is successor of Kerstin Lorenz as ombudswoman. Up to Lorenz eventual death in September 2005 she had been referee of the Parliamentary NPD.

Waldemar Maier

Waldemar Maier is parliamentary advisor.

former employees of the Saxon Parlamentary NPD

changeover to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Peter Marx

One of the most influential wirepullers is the lawyer Peter Marx, born in 1958 in Saarland, who has built up the NPD in the New German States since the 90s. Marx has been the chief whip of the Saxon NPD until September 2006. While firstly intending to return to Saarland after providing the Saxon Parliamentary NPD-Group with a functioning organizational structure, he left in 2006 for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a north-eastern German state, to do the same for the NPD in this latter state (which had gained 6 parliamentary seats in 2006 elections for the first time).
The rightist mentor is supposed to give some juridical hints and to provide his successors with the necessary knowledge and skills for his job. He was succeeded by Frank Ahrens, not as expected by Ullrich Eigenfeld.
Marx learnt this parliamentary work already in the city and local parliaments of Frankfurt and Darmstadt-Dieburg. Together with the current NPD-chairman Udo Voigt and Holger Apfel he is considered to have initiated the collapse of Voigt's predecessor, Günter Deckert. In April 2005, he ran for the mayor of Leipzig - as expected with little success.
His bodyguard Klaus Wartenfelser, readily identifiable on his temple-tatoo in Gothic types, was chief of security of the NPD-Saarland.

Stefan Rochow

Born in 1973. Since 2002 he is chief of the Junge Nationaldemokraten (JN), the youth organization of the NPD. Furthermore from 1997 to 2001 he has been vice-chief of the Junge Landsmannschaft Ostpreussen (JLO) and he still is member of the Nationaldemokratischer Hochschulbund (NHB).
Rochow focusses his work on adolescents. He aims to communicate awareness for "comradeship" allegorating the future's potential. Adressing especially to young voters he was involved in the planned gratis-distribution of 25000 CDs with extreme right wing music in schoolyards.
Between 2004 and September 2006 he was employed by the Saxon Parliamentary NPD; subsequently, with the success of the NPD in the state elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, gaining 6 seats in their second German state parliament, Rochow went to the Parliamentary NPD of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

now MP (replacement of Uwe Leichsenring)

René Despang

Since the 1990s Despang is part of the extreme right wing and Neo-Nazi milieu of Dresden. Usualy, he attended every event, every demonstration, organized by NPD, "Junge Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen" or "freie Kameradschaften" - for that he has always been a central figure for the cooperation of these groups. Besides, he was involved with the "Nationales Bündnis Dresden" as well. Various times he ran for the NPD (and the "Nationales Bündnis Dresden") for different elections - with little success. He is member of the local board of the NPD Dresden and - since September 2004 - referee of the NPD in the Parliament of Saxony.
In late summer 2006, when NPD MP Leichsenring died in an accident, Despang eventually succeeded with his untiring efforts to become member of a parliament. Also he won't be able to fully replace Leichsenring's political experience and rhetoric skills, he resumes his work for the Parliamentary NPD as MP.


Kerstin Bärbel Lorenz

Born in 1962. She got involved in the REP and the Nationales Bündnis Dresden. Until the Saxon State's Parliament's election 2004 she has been chief of REP-Saxony. Apptenticed as a cook, she worked as business woman an subsequently - from the 2004 election on - as ombudswomen of the Parliamentary NPD.
After running unsuccessfully for REP for Landtag's and Bundestag's elections she began, at least since 2003, against the will of the party's federal board to converge to more radical Neo-Nazi groups. The close cooperation with the NPD dominated Nationales Bündnis Dresden in the municipal elections in 2004 set the seal on the final break-up between Lorenz and the the federal board. Kerstin Lorenz volunteerly resigned her candidature in favour of the NPD. She campaigned for them and one day before the elections she joined PR-effectively the NPD.
While running for the federal elections for the NPD she eventually died in September 2005. Therefore, the elections had to be postponed for two weeks in this electoral district - her successor was Franz Schönhuber.

Franz Xaver Schönhuber

Since a meeting with Udo Voigt on January 3, 2005, the former chairman of the Republicans worked as adviser for Press and European politics in the NPD. He was a role model for extreme right wingers. Born in 1923 in Upper Bavaria, he has already been in the 'Hitlerjugend' since 1937 as a leader of a 'Kameradschaft'. In 1941 he joined the NSDAP. As volunteer he was admitted in the 'Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler' of the 'Waffen-SS' and worked in various SS-divisions. After 1 1/2 year of war captivity in Great Britain he was released in 1947 since he was thought to be just a follower.
In the 50s and 60s he worked as actor, journalist, sports reporter and in the 'Bayrischer Rundfunk' in a drivers programm. In 1969 he became chief redactor in the Munich penny press 'TZ'. In this time he was orientated towards the CSU and Franz Joseph Strauss. Since 1979 more and more conflicts in the CSU let him break with the party in 1981 after having published a book "Ich war dabei" (I have taken part) that defined down the national-socialism.
He advanced to a star for the DVU, NPD and the Vertriebenenverbände. In 1983 he was founding member of the REP and in 1985 chairman. In 1989 he got a seat in the EU-Parliament. After being excluded from the party in June 1990 he retook the chairmanship in August. A week after the pogromes in Hoyerswerda he agitated in front of 400 mainly skinheads in Neubrandenburg against immigrants, describing it as a 'asylantenflut'. In 1994 he accused Ignatz Bubis, the chairman of the Central Consistory of Jews, of sedition. After having approached to the Gerhard Freys DVU he was suspended as REP-federal-chairman and left the party a year later.
In his furtheron journalistic activities he also published a book togehter with Horst Mahler - "Deutschland soll deutsch bleiben" (Germany shall stay German). In September 2004, the month of the NPD's electoral triumph, Schönhuber started to plead for "a new patriot movement" of all extreme right wing parties. Subsequently, in January 2005, he was employed by the Saxon Parlamentary NPD but he never formally became member of that party. In the same year, he ran for the federal elections for the NPD in Dresden. He eventually died merely two month later, in November.

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